Couples Only Swingers Club

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Couples Only Club

Anderson Indiana 46011

Phone: (765) 622 - 0103

Click any picture to see a larger size......Call for Details! is a Forum with VERY STRONG ADULT CONTENT, PICTURES, NUDIST INFO, VIDEOS and SWINGERS INFORMATION.

Come Join the Fun!
Party Room @ Shenanigans
Shenanigans Dance Floor
Our Loft........... Lots of FUN !!!!
Your pictures could be here letting all of your friends know when you plan to be at Shenanigans, Remember no nude pictures and if you send pictures to us showing your face you must give us permission to use them. We will add your pictures to this page....
TV Lounge, A great place to relax.
Locker Room @ Shenanigans
Television Lounge @ Shenanigans
She took some prisoners and they loved it!!!
A very pretty lady dancing for everyones enjoyment. And the did!!
She said she really loved the new pole and dance floor. Shenanigans is her favorite club because everyone one is so polite and respectful.
Just a little tease of what the front view was like. And just to think I was working and had to do it...
Visit Shenanigans and be part of the fun. It,s always a great party...
Visit Shenanigans and meet this fun loving couple, J--- and "Him" will make you feel welcome. After all at Shenanigans there are no strangers, only friends who have not met.
We would love to put your picture on this page. We never do faces even if we are told we can...
Ladies night out at Shenanigans Mardi Gras Party....
Remodeled Cooler Room where drinks are kept.
Our new cabinets in the cooler room where drinks are kept.
One picture is worth a thousand words.
The club really looked good for the two Valentine Parties. We had a full house for both parties.
Shenanigans is a fun adult night out. You should add us to your Bucket List. Couples come from all over the mid-west to enjoy a night out.
Dreams do come true
The gang having fun and hanging out at Shenanigans
Good time for all
Biker Night: Another great party at Shenanigans.